Renthal Fat Bar Lite

15/06/13 12:11 PM

Fatbar® Lite


The Renthal® Fatbar® Lite is the ultimate lightweight, trail-proof handlebar. We designed and developed this handlebar to offer the ultimate combination of lightness, strength and durability. 

Renthal Fatbar Lite handlebars are designed to ride faster, jump further and last longer.


-       High strength 7 series Aluminium Alloy
-       Optimised lightweight tapered tube
-       Shot peened for increased fatigue life
-       Corrosion and abrasion resistant hard
        anodised finish
-       Laser etched positioning grid for easy set up
-       Width marks allow personalised fit
-       Permanent Graphics
-       31.8mm clamping diameter 

When Fyxation developed the Eastside they took a look at the single speed and fixed gear market and saw a market flooded with cheap bikes that left us wanting more. Historically Fyxation have been known as a parts company and while the move to bikes was a bold one, the timing was right. Without further ado, we're pleased to introduce you to our their first bike 'The Eastside'.

The Eastside is a single speed bike that can be run either fixed or free.  Each bike ships as a single speed with a flip flop hub.  This means that out of the box you can ride the Eastside as a single speed (one gear with the ability to coast) or you can set your bike up as a fixed gear.

Instead of using "throw away parts" The Eastside comes stocked with Fyxation parts that have been perfected over the last 4 years. Clean welds, attention to detail, minimalist styling and high end components are what sets this bike apart. 

The Eastside features a full 4130 Chromoly frame and fork, a flip flop hub so it can be run as a fixed gear or single speed, wide tyre clearance, fender mounts and classic track geometry. Designed and built by Fyxation, the Eastside is head and shoulders above the competition.  Be proud of your bike - parts and all. Check out some of Urban Velocity's Eastside builds on this site!